The criminal career takes off

Or, I have a detective story available in the brand new e-zine from New Zealand, Comets and Criminals. I urge you to check out the issue, it has some good stories in, an interesting mix of thrilling genres from authors whose other work has already appeared in some quite impressive places. My contribution is The Dovedale Affair, in which a murder in a small Yorkshire town causes panic in the mother of a disturbed young man – what does he know about it, and how?

Only Human at Short, Fast, and Deadly

My latest extremely short story, Only Human, is now available at Short, Fast, and Deadly. While you’re over there, make sure you check out the rest of the issue too – they’re short pieces, after all.

Only Human is about never meeting your idols (even if it’s only via paper at a distance of centuries) – I gave up listening to interviews and reading biographies of anyone whose music I enjoy a while ago. Most of the time, it’s best not to know.

Self-promotion in a brief non-lethal fashion

A reminder, for those who may be interested, that issue 14 of Short, Fast, and Deadly is launched today (though with time-zone differences it might be a few hours yet) and contains a short story of mine – the theme was Sweeter than Sweet, Sweet, Sweden. The story is, as the magazine name suggests, short and is therefore a fast read, but deadly might be overdoing it – no horror and nothing likely to have detrimental effects on the reader. Unless you had a bad experience in Malmo once and don’t like to be reminded. Hope you enjoy it.

Life irritating art

Life seems to have elbowed writing to one side lately, which explains the long gaps between posts, and the fact that I have very little to report when I get here. I have been (very slowly) reading Anthony Trollope’s autobiography, filled in every chapter with pearls of wisdom (as well as his wonderful style and a few random anecdotes). I’m not going to recommend it to anyone who doesn’t already have a well-established soft spot for him, but when I have more time/motivation/organisation I may well start a series of Trollope’s Pearls of Wisdom posts where I share and discuss the views of one of my favourite authors (I bet you can’t wait).

In the meantime, you can read a very short story by my friend D (I have no particular reason for the use of the initial, but since it was an arbitrary rule I can arbitrarily adhere to it). It’s in a horror magazine, but in this instance I would say it’s more horror by implication, so don’t let that deter you if horror’s not really your thing.

Fish on Monday

More excitement, for me this time – Not Such a Cold Fish is now on Every Day Fiction and so far seems to be reasonably well-received, though not everyone knows what a fortune-telling fish is. Are they a very British thing? You get them in Christmas crackers along with plastic rings and a set of tiddly-winks, usually (I’m not keen on Christmas crackers, as you’ll have guessed if you’ve been following this blog at all, what with my general views on Christmas), and they provide about 15 seconds of amusement before everyone gets distracted by the groans surrounding the joke someone’s reading out.

Genuine payment for writing, not just in books! (Though payment in books is near perfection in my eyes, as OneMonkey will testify). I think I’ll have to go have another iced bun to calm down.

Chapter five in the gothic saga

On a weekend when I attended the Wendy House for the first time in a very long time, I give you chapter five of the eight-year-old saga of northern goths, Resurrection Joe. In case I haven’t said this before (I really can’t be bothered to check. It’s a Sunday afternoon, I’m surprised I have the energy and enthusiasm necessary to type this), the title is taken from a Cult song, just to keep the theme going. Enjoy.

Resurrection the third

Partly because it’s been about a month since the last one, and partly because I’m full of cold and feeling sorry for myself so I’m not in the mood to write a proper post, the third chapter of Resurrection Joe is now available. Think of it as an early Christmas present, if you like (but I don’t imagine you’ll have much success if you try taking it back to Marks and Spencer in January).