Bits that fell off the cat


On the stairs to our flat there are 2 beech leaves and some mud.

In the hallway there is a small slug making a break for freedom.

On the pristine purple carpet in the living room, vacuumed only half an hour earlier, there are several pieces of spiky bush, some more mud, and some moss. There is now enough fur on the armchair to stuff a small cushion.

In the bedroom there is a piece of hawthorn twig. On the bed, damp leaves and fur. Underneath my pillow (how?) is a buttercup seed, all the better to give me golden dreams.

The cat likes to blur the boundaries between inside and out. He lets us enjoy the garden on a cold, wet day.

Either that or he’s on commission from a cleaning company.

The cat who was afraid of bananas

Bizarre as it may seem, I’ve recently discovered that my cat is terrified of bananas. He gets quite interested by the smell, his nose quivers and he leans forward to sniff at it, but if I break a piece off and hold it out to him he flattens his ears and runs away. The first time it happened I figured it was coincidence, but in the spirit of scientific enquiry I’ve tried it a couple of times and the same thing happens. Naturally this made me think about the whole ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ thing, and whether anyone would accept this as a fictional occurrence. Then I wondered if there was any aspect of it I could use, any inspiration I could tease from it. I thought it might be a starting point for something, the trigger for unlikely events. But maybe my cat’s just frightened of bananas.