Time travel of a sort

As an aid to succeeding at this ‘at least one post a week’ challenge, I’ve found out how to schedule a post for a future time. So, while it’s Monday evening as I write, it should be Wednesday (and I won’t even be home from work yet) when this post goes live. I hope the weather’s improved.

Learning this scheduling technique was a real lesson in how things get overlooked though. I’ve been posting here (not regularly enough, but still posting) for nearly two and a half years, and I must have seen the ‘publish immediately’ with the highlighted ‘edit’ next to it, above the button I’ve pressed each time I’ve finished a post, yet it’s never registered. I’ve never wondered what there was to edit, or even accidentally clicked on it and found out. If there’s this much unexplored in a relatively simple blogging interface, how much of my surroundings am I missing out on?