Week 16: Comedy Gold


Thanks to a refresher from re-reading the BBC Academy radio comedy pages (though not from reading the pictured pamphlet, which I only remembered as I came to write this post) I’ve written two sketches for Newsjack this weekend that not only made me laugh, but made OneMonkey laugh too. I have yet to hear whether they made the producers of Newsjack laugh, but one can only hope.

I can now reveal that the northern-themed writing I alluded to before Christmas is a guest post in the Literature and Place slot at Laurie Garrison’s Women Writers School, and you should have less than two weeks to wait till you can read it. In the meantime if you’re of a sci-fi bent you could read a new review I’ve written for The Bookbag, for an Alastair Reynolds novella, Slow Bullets.

Before I race off to write one-liners in time for tomorrow morning’s Newsjack deadline, have I mentioned the rather wonderful RS500 yet? They’re working through Rolling Stone magazine’s top 500 album list, inviting an essay or a piece of fiction related to each one, and so far they’re at 252 so almost halfway but I only heard about them recently. While I may dislike many of the albums on the list, and bemoan the exclusion of some of my favourites, I applaud the harnessing of musical passion to a writing project like this, and I encourage any and all of you with a love of music to read, absorb, and contribute.


  1. Hi there when is newsjack on? It’s radio 4 isn’t it? Can you recommend any other good shows to write sketches for. I feel like having a go.but not sure if I,m not just weird rather than funny. Did your sketches get accepted? Do.you ever collaborate? Sorry so many questions but it just coincided with my current interest

    1. Hello! I think it’s back in September and I’m pretty sure it’s 4extra the DAB station rather than proper radio 4. If you’re on Twitter they have a Newsjack account you can follow so you get reminded when the next deadline is. I haven’t had any accepted but I will keep trying, I think humour can be quite personal but if you listen to the kind of things that get chosen you should get an idea of whether you’re likely to appeal to the producers. With Newsjack I’ve often heard a sketch that’s kind of a punchier version of what I’d sent, so I feel reassured that I’m in the right area I just need to tighten up my sketches (easier said than done). There are podcasts that ask for sketches sometimes, I find BBC writersroom a great resource, they list all sorts of opportunities. Collaboration, no never for comedy, I’ve tried in the past and it’s too easy to go off in different directions and not agree on anything. Hope that helps.

      1. Oh thank you for your comprehensive reply. That’s very kind of you.
        I,m not on twitter. And I,m sadly unsure what a podcast is.
        But I,m on Facebook. So is the BBC writers room on Facebook or is it a website? I.think.i would find it useful because I,m very out of touch.
        I have a song in the style of Victoria wood, but sadly she’s the only woman I can imagine performing it. And I,ve also got a sketch about cutlery that certainly isn’t funny enough but shows potential.and one silly one about hat fatalities (which probably wouldn’t fit any category). But I.think I could attempt more topical too.
        So yes is it a website? Well.i might just Google it.
        Thank you.for your help.and all the best with your sketches 😀

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