November spawned a writer

New month, new phase, and for the next few months at least, I’m a full-time writer. I’d been in the day job nearly 9 years and for various reasons it was feeling like something I didn’t want to do any longer. Yesterday was my last day.


As you all know, November is NaNoWriMo time so today after a glorious early-morning walk on the moor I settled down with the big purple mug my closest colleagues (who I will miss, having spent more time with them than with my closest schoolfriends, who only had me for 7 years minus long holidays) gave me as a leaving present, and started on a new novel. I didn’t mean to, when I was planning to leave work I meant November to be a solid month of editing Sunrise Over Centrified City (which started life as my NaNo novel a couple of years back) but then this idea for a post-Brexit urban (semi-rural perhaps) fantasy started germinating and I’ve been writing notes since August and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

It remains to be seen whether I’ll take a few months out to recharge my batteries and finish up a few major writing projects, or make a proper go of this writing lark. Either way, I’ll keep you posted. Now to get back to listening to Morrissey and increasing my wordcount.

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