Changing reading habits

We’ve had all the lists of 2015 now, we’ve even had most of the What I’m Looking Forward To Reading In 2016, so I feel like I can chuck my reading stats post your way. Savour this, it’s been a year in the making.

About this time last year I made this graph:


Why? Well, because I’m sad like that. Anyway, I noticed that I’d read more books published in the 19th century than in 2014 (and I’m pretty sure all the 2014 books were ones I read because of the Ilkley Literature Festival). I declared my intention to read more newly-published books in 2015 and challenged myself not to read any 19th century novels (incidentally, I’m not a fan of reading challenges in general, but this was mainly me testing my will-power, a shelf-full of Anthony Trollope being my equivalent of a big bowl of sweets). This was the result (and yes I went back and adjusted the 2014 y-axis to match):


See the big gap marked 19th C? That’s me not having read any 19th century books at all (I never mentioned anything about the 18th century). And look at all the 2015 books I read! Some of that is the Ilkley Literature Festival again, and some of it is down to the wonderful Sue from The Bookbag who posts me paperbacks when I’ve got time to review them.

Right, now I’ve proved I can drag myself up to date, somebody pass me a Palliser novel quick.


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