Audio delights from the Ilkley Literature Festival

I finally got hold of a decent microphone and recorded my story from this year’s fringe event, and as a bonus I recorded the story I didn’t use, as well. You may recall that Ilkley Writers (which includes me) made their second appearance at the Ilkley Literature Festival in October

Ilkley Writers 2015 flyerBy the time we got to the festival, the stories we performed were only linked by the River Wharfe – set by it, in it, on it, the stories all had its waters trickling through them in some way. Mine was called Down to the River, and followed a woman walking beside the river, watching the water flow downstream to Tadcaster and her past. You can hear me reading it here.

Right at the start of the process, however, we’d decided to do a more tightly linked set than the previous year (when our stories had been linked only by featuring Ilkley Moor) and we devised a character that would feature throughout. He was a kind of hermit, or a tramp who didn’t stray very far, dressed in monkish robes and largely keeping out of everyone’s way. We were each writing a monologue that shed light on his life through whichever character we’d chosen to portray, but not everyone was inspired by our hermit and not everyone felt comfortable with a monologue. Patrick stuck with his monologue from the hermit’s point of view, and that became our opening piece at this year’s event. I ditched mine as I didn’t think it made as much sense out of context, but I enjoyed writing it and it’s very much a performance piece so rather than put a written version anywhere I’ve now recorded that as well and in a world exclusive you can listen to it for the very first time right here, right now (unless of course you’re reading this ages after I wrote this post, in which case – I hope – someone else will have already beat you to it).

Thank you and good night.


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