Easter, lounging, and ripping up the to-do list

The Easter break looked full of potential, as it always does. I had 5 clear days without having to go to work, and apart from Sister Number One’s birthday gathering, very little in the way of plans. This time I decided to tackle it differently. Not for me the long list of tasks that would only be of use for self-flagellation when I hadn’t done any of them by the end of the holiday. I was going to avoid the avoidance tactics by not giving myself a list of things that (though most of them were things I actually wanted to do) needed avoiding simply because they were on a list. By this cunning use of reverse psychology I would clearly achieve great things.

Five days of mixed weather later I can chalk up the following:

  • Watching several films I had been meaning to see for ages or hadn’t seen for twenty years
  • Putting nail varnish on for the first time since Christmas (spring green, since you’re wondering)
  • Watching a sunbathing squirrel from the study window
  • Talking politics with Big Brother
  • Eating chocolate rabbits
  • Reading a crime novel I didn’t even enjoy, desperate to know how the plot worked out while being too well-behaved to simply skip to the last couple of chapters
  • Strolling by the river listening to birdsong and feeling unfamiliar warmth on my face

On the other hand, I can’t say I managed any of these:

  • Revising the sci-fi noir novel according to the excellent idea I had just as I was falling asleep one night last week, which now escapes me
  • Finishing the crime short story that I’ve been putting off writing (and therefore undoubtedly spoiling) the ending of for about two years
  • Finishing the novella about the young girl looking for her brother (who doesn’t exist)
  • Writing a small batch of blog posts to act as a buffer when I’m busy

But that doesn’t matter, because I never said I was going to.


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