A collection of recent reviews

Now that the Ilkley Literature Festival is over for another year, and just about all the reviews seem to be up at The Pickled Egg, it seems like a good time to list the ones I wrote in one handy place (though they are of course linked to from my About page, along with anything else of mine you might want to read). Before anyone decides this is a bit parochial, 3 of them are book reviews so not location specific at all, and even the 2 event reviews involve authors that (at least for UK readers) are likely to come your way at some point.

So here they are, book reviews of Noontide Toll by Romesh Gunesekera (linked short stories set in Sri Lanka), Bricks & Mortals by Tom Wilkinson (meanderings through the history of architecture), The Tightrope Walkers by David Almond (novel set in 1950s/60s Tyneside), plus the review of David Almond’s talk about The Tightrope Walkers, and the review of Bryan and Mary Talbot talking about their new graphic novel Sally Heathcote: Suffragette.

And while I’m here, this is a lovely review of the Ilkley Writers event that I took part in, by Nikki Mason. She wasn’t a member of the group at the time…



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