Diary of a disorganised writer

Tuesday morning: Remember there’s an interesting submission deadline on Friday. 1000 words doesn’t sound too daunting, not too late to start. Use the commute to write copious notes on proposed story.

Tuesday evening: Write 350 words of story, not bad. Retire for the night feeling positive.

Wednesday evening: Have crisis of confidence, then get sidetracked by discovering some particularly useful parish registers for family history have been scanned in and are available for free online. Drifting off to sleep, remember Wednesdays are supposed to be blog days.

Thursday evening: Abandon the 1000-word story. It’s too near the deadline and anyway it wasn’t going anywhere. Back to parish registers.

Friday: Final week of two MOOCs to catch up on. No time for writing.

Saturday evening: Check writing diary and notice the deadline was Sunday not Friday. Re-read the 350 words, decide it has potential. Strip away 50 words, bang out 900 more, prune a further 200. Fall into bed, smug but exhausted. Realise it still needs a title.

Sunday morning: Spend two hours thinking up titles. Go with the one that first suggested itself as sleep beckoned last night. Sit back with a cup of tea, feeling proud.

Sunday afternoon: Remember to submit story. Write delayed blog post. Make mental note to keep better track of deadlines in future. Find half-written blog post from Monday.



    1. Ha, well I’m glad it was useful for something. It was actually my first foray into a Luddite story, I keep wondering about attempting a Luddite novel one day (and if anyone makes a joke about computers I may have to come and break some machines in their presence…). This was kind of the first step on that road, 1813 and an atmosphere of unrest.

      I am attempting better organisation, by the way – I’ve been stopping by the SSC for the first time in a while this weekend.

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