Kzine issue 6, a short review

Of course you’ll all be eager to buy issue 6 of the SF/horror/crime magazine Kzine because it has my Self-Aware and Living in Bradford in it, but in the unlikely event that you need further persuasion, here’s a quick guide to what else is on offer (apart from mine, and The Judgement of the Peacekeeper, all the rest seem to be set in America).

A Bedtime Chocolate by Nicola Tanquary: a young girl has to deal with grief alongside the discovery of an unknown side to her father. Fairly dark urban fantasy.

Real Predictions by Regina Clarke: the new warden at a women’s prison has an escaped prisoner to find, with a little help from the Tarot. Crime.

The Judgment Of The Peacekeeper by Diana Doherty: Peacekeeper Verity and her Familiar investigate a crazed wyvern near an outlying village, in a land of magic.

Requiem For a Rodent by Gef Fox: You know it’s going to be a bad week when you run over your son’s hamster during the weekend visit. Horror.

Seeding Day by Michael Siciliano: Two brothers begin the annual ritual of protecting their family from invaders at the solstice. Science fiction.

When It’s Ajar by G.A. Rozen: Welcome to Forrest Door B&B, resting place for weary travellers. Horror/dark fantasy, and probably my favourite of the collection.

Self-Aware and Living in Bradford by JY Saville: Artificial intelligence research in Bradford, with a nod to the film version of Billy Liar. Have a word cloud, I really do like those things… Word cloud for Self Aware and Living in Bradford

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