The Little Book of Northern Women, released today

The short story collection I promised back at new year is now available at last for the princely sum of 99p (or whatever Amazon translate that to in other currencies – it’s available on all Amazon sites) for 9 stories, 8 of them previously unpublished. The Little Book of Northern Women is, as the title suggests, a collection of stories in which women from the north of England feature rather prominently. Those women are young, old, middle-aged; coping with oppressive mothers or the passage of time; gentle, angry, strong, defiant, bemused. Some of the stories are light-hearted, others quite dark, set in the 1930s, 1980s and more recently. I decided to stick with non-genre stories (though I was tempted to include one about a female-slanted android in Bradford), but just because the central characters are all women, I sincerely hope the package doesn’t seem unpalatable to male readers.

As with Wasted Years, the e-book is DRM-free, which means (among other things) that if like me you don’t own a Kindle, you can convert the file to something more compatible with your hardware (epub for a Kobo, in my case). I’ll leave you with the cover image (featuring a photo my Nana took of her Nana), and I’d love to know what any of you think of the collection.

Cover image, The Little Book of Northern Women



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