I must be doing something right

You know when you get a compliment that’s so close to what you want to hear that you instantly believe it, and grin so much your face aches? Well someone directed me to a site called I Write Like, on which you can have a few paragraphs of your writing analysed to show which author you statistically come the closest to. What happened the very first time I tried it?

I write like
Douglas Adams

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!


    1. I’m very happy to have had a hand in your finding that. I tried a few of my published stories and got Stephen King (for The Dovedale Affair), Margaret Atwood (Last Night in Las Vegas), Cory Doctorow (All the Room in the World), Douglas Adams (alternative Chain Gang ending), Rudyard Kipling (The Mist Wolves), and JK Rowling (chapter 1 of Wasted Years). Great fun.

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    1. Depends what you think about Lovecraft I guess. Some people would be thrilled.

      I tried my entry to this month’s Telegraph competition on it and got Neil Gaiman. This could be a good omen (yes, pun intended. Sorry).

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