A writing career kindled

My name is JY Saville, and I’m a self-published novelist…

Yes, it had to happen eventually, I’ve released Wasted Years (the one that used to be known around here as the serial novel, when friend T was reading it in instalments) for the Kindle. It wasn’t as easy a decision as it might have been – why charge for that (£1.99) when the graphic novel’s free to download, for instance? There is no simple answer but I came to an agreement with myself, and there it is. I’m pretty sure you can sample the start of it for free so do go have a look, give me feedback, and if you feel you may enjoy it you could always buy a copy. You don’t even need a Kindle, so I’m told – there are apparently .mobi readers for PC, Linux, smartphones etc.

The novel is set mainly in West Yorkshire (well of course it is) and is about lasting friendships, trying to work out what you want out of life, and realising there’s more than one measure of success out there. Alternatively it’s about 16 years in the life of 2 accountants as they stumble through love, loss and Christmas parties. You can read more about it here.

I’ll leave you with a tantalising picture of the cover I made using the ever-useful GNU Image Manipulation Program:

Cover of Wasted Years



  1. Hi jacqueline, I downloaded a kindle sample as promised and made myself have a lunchtime to read it. Got to 56% or thereabouts. I found myself jotting some postit notes as annotation was switched off in your kindle sample. If you like I can share them with you in trusted friend mode. No pressure though.

    1. Well I did ask for feedback… Thanks for taking the time to have a look Kelvin, it is appreciated, however flip I might get sometimes. I had been wondering about asking you to have a look actually, given your reviewing experience, then I thought that’s getting a bit cheeky. I’ll send you my email address.

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