In the news this week

The Olympics. I’m sick of it already and it hasn’t even started yet (except apparently it has, but they haven’t had the opening ceremony. How does that work?). I’m not sporty, I leave that to sister number 1 who’s sporty enough for all 3 sisters. However, I do have a residual fondness for the Tour de France from years of watching with my dad and Big Brother, so I’m mildly excited about the British success this last weekend. I was on the Place de la Concorde 3 years ago for the final stage and I agree with my dad that I should have been there this year instead, except…

Except I wouldn’t then have been able to sit in the Edinburgh Playhouse on Saturday night bouncing up and down in my seat watching the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio show, and that would have been dreadful. I went, I had a brilliant evening, and OneMonkey has been reminded how much he loves Marvin. A very smartly-dressed Neil Gaiman looked like he was enjoying himself in his portrayal of the book, in a wing-backed chair within easy reach of a china teacup. And I got to see friend T for a while.

I’ve been hanging out at the Telegraph Short Story Club (overseen by Louise Doughty) for a few weeks, which has been fun so far. Mention has been made on there of the Man Booker shortlist, to which my response was an unimpressed shrug. I know some people make a point of reading all the books on the longlist or shortlist every year, but I discovered that I’d only read one book on the longlists since 2001, I think my preferred reading matter doesn’t cross paths with the sort of fiction that makes it on there (it’s certainly not a conscious effort on my part). So, I thought I’d get adventurous and try one of those opinion polls that are so popular these days. Do join in…

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