The launch of Firestone Books

This week friend D launched his long-awaited publishing venture, Firestone Books, with some early science fiction. And by early, I mean stretching back a couple of thousand years. He’s got two collections for sale, plus some of the stories available individually. Because of the huge timespan we also get a wide geographical range and a variety of cultural settings, which is good to see. Firestone Books will also be seeking submissions in six months or so, though whether that’ll be for contemporary sci-fi or a broader range of fiction I’m not sure as yet.

You’ll notice I declared an interest right at the start there – even if I’d wanted to, it would have been hard to keep the link quiet given that the covers of the two collections are by comic-collaborating friend Mark Pexton and the website’s by the technologically gifted OneMonkey. Anyway, I publicised the connection at Morpheus Tales some time ago (back when Mark was masquerading as LeMat), so that in years to come we can point to it as the origins of our influential literary and artistic movement (we can dream, surely? If we didn’t, we wouldn’t come up with any of this).

Best of luck to Firestone Books, and may the muses bless all who sail in her…


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