Easter evaluation

It’s April: Script Frenzy month but I’m not taking part this year, I’m still catching up from the challenge I set myself for March. You may recall I arbitrarily decided to attempt a story a day for a month, well I seem to have managed a little over 19,500 words  (plus many pages of notes) spread across 23 stories. Not strictly sticking to the rules, but still quite an achievement, if I say so myself. That’s a few complete first drafts to polish (one has already been polished and sent off, in fact), a lot of half-finished pieces that will remain that way for months if not a couple of years, and a couple of abandoned items that have at least served to put to rest an idea that seemed good but had no mileage in it (not even the hundred-yard-dash of flash fiction).

This being the Easter weekend I’m playing catch-up. As it approached I put aside various things to do over Easter, but now I’m about halfway through the long weekend and reality is kicking in – I will be left with a whole pile of things to do once this break is over. The astute will note that I missed 2 Wednesdays of my posting schedule, and here I am posting on a Saturday; no excuses, I just lost track of time. Twice. The second time I figured I’d better post while I remembered or I could go on like this for months.

This being the Easter weekend I’m also trying to spend some time with friends, family, and OneMonkey who I guess counts as both. It mainly seems to involve watching films and eating. Fun, but it doesn’t get the crime novel written (I’m at the difficult crowbarring in the scenes I’ve now realised are necessary to set up later events stage, so I’m more prone than usual to procrastination). So, looks like it’s time for me to finish this and get back to that novel. Or I could take a chocolate egg and a mug of tea to OneMonkey and watch a DVD.


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