Freedom to rock

This is a time-travel post, written earlier in the week so I didn’t forget to blog in the excitement (or extended follow-up sleep) of the long-awaited trip to see Iron Maiden at Newcastle Arena (OneMonkey, myself, and the nephew have had tickets since November). The title of the post came from an Alice Cooper song, which took me back to an Alice Cooper gig in Newcastle in July 1997 after which, for some reason that entirely escapes me now, I got on a late-night coach to be collected by my indulgent parents at a Yorkshire bus station in the early hours. Long distance journeys on late-night coaches certainly seem to be part of what freedom’s about, at least if all the American films are to be believed.

I’ve been glancing through the WordPress daily posts and came across a recent one asking What does freedom mean? Funnily enough, on a hot day last week when I was in sandals and loose cotton I bumped into a fully suited and tied male colleague and the phrase ‘freedom is never having to wear a suit’ popped into my head. Freedom is also, in the words Janis Joplin keeps singing in my head, another word for nothing left to lose – there is definitely some truth in that. From a writing perspective, acknowledging you’ve missed your deadline, or your target wordcount, or can’t think of how to tie the story that wants to come out in with the theme you’re trying to write about, completely frees you up for creativity. It takes away the performance anxiety and the narrow focus, and lets you roam.

So, wearing a suit or not, go away and free your mind. I can’t guarantee the results will rock your world, but you won’t know till you try.


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