Mid-year corrective action

Sorry I haven’t given you anything new to read in a while. I’ve been tired, short of time, with too many things to do, and writing got squeezed out. Luckily I saw a one-day crime-writing workshop advertised at such short notice that I didn’t have time for second thoughts. That’s where I’ve spent today, and it was a tonic for the soul (thanks, Danuta Reah). My mojo, as it were, has been re-tuned.

Give or take a couple of days, we’re midway through the year – not too bad a time to reassess and get yourself back on track. So I’ll quickly tell you I’ve got a bit of twitter fiction in the summer issue of Boston Literary Magazine, then I’ll pull myself together, replenish the ever-present mug, and make some submissions. Already this year I’ve made as many as I did in the whole of 2010 and nearly as many as in 2009. I might have blown the post a week 2011 challenge, but I’m still on course for collecting all those rejection slips I promised myself.


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