Script-related insights

For those of you not that interested in scripts, Script Frenzy, or my achievements (or otherwise) therein, don’t worry – we’re nearly done. Only 5 days left (after today) and I’m slightly behind schedule but for everything that still needs to happen in my radio script (comedy drama set in a failing maths department in one of the newer English universities) I will easily need to get up to 100 pages and I pretty much know how I’ll get there.

The experience of Script Frenzy has given me some insights (or probably reminders) of how I work, which has been interesting. You may have noticed, if you’re the sort who notices these things, that this post is a couple of days later than might have been expected. You may also have noticed, if you’ve been visiting the blog in the meantime, that my page-count had stopped at 62. For the first two weeks Script Frenzy was an exciting novelty, a motivation and a challenge. It was the activity I put off or neglected other things for. Then my short memory came into play and suddenly I’ve been writing this blasted radio script forever and isn’t it about time I had a break. It became the thing I put off and neglected in order to do more immediately gratifying things (like eating ice cream and reading detective novels. And going for 10-mile walks over moorland, failing to take any recognisable photos of birds of prey). I avoided the computer for a couple of days. Then I pulled myself together, went back to the computer but avoided the internet, and now (at 76 pages) I’m only a couple of pages behind schedule (or in fact a page ahead according to my revised schedule which ends on April 29th as I’m doing other things on the 30th).

So, while the rest of the nation indulges in street parties (I am assured that some people really will be having them) on Friday I have the perfect excuse to avoid the Royal Wedding (it demands capitalisation) – I will be sequestered with my computer and a teapot (and a mug, obviously, though thankfully not a commemorative one), my fingertips smoking across the keyboard as I bash out the final few pages of script. Don’t feel you need to tell me what I missed, I’m sure I’ll cope.


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