Free text editor review: FocusWriter

My trial of FocusWriter was a disaster. It opens as full-screen black text on white, in quite a small font, with typewriter sounds that are delayed or didn’t work properly on my machine (they didn’t seem to match any keystrokes). Unfortunately I couldn’t disable the sounds as I couldn’t find a list of commands and there was no toolbar. I tried the obvious F1 to F12 and all I got was a spellcheck on F7. I don’t know if you can set a timer or wordcount target; there was no wordcount visible but it may be an option if you can find the menu. Possibly there are instructions on the website you download it from but as OneMonkey gave it to me on a flash-drive and I haven’t set up my new computer to connect to the internet (try it sometime, it’s amazing how productive you can be without the distraction of email and BBC news or your preferred equivalent) that didn’t help. If I knew of great features I would have persevered and checked on the internet later, but I had other text editors to try and no particular incentive to stick at this one. Feel free to let us all know if you’ve tried it successfully.

Like Q10 it saves files in .txt format only.



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