For those about to write, we support you

There is much talk of challenges these days, particularly here where I’m participating in the WordPress Post a Week challenge and NaBloPoMo for March, and gearing up for Script Frenzy and NaNoWriMo. But what of those people without whom none of this would be possible? I don’t mean the organisers (though they are obviously doing a great job), or the posters of daily prompts and topics. I mean the ones in the writers’ social networks. Spice (spouses? Spice means ‘sweets’ round here so is doubly appropriate), flatmates, parents. Those people who assist with or don’t mind us writers slacking off on childcare, petcare, housework, socialising. The guests who don’t mind that the washing’s still hanging on a clothes horse in the living room. The guests who don’t mind being asked to reschedule for a challenge-free month. The non-recipients of the emails we haven’t written, the phonecalls we haven’t made, the birthday cards we haven’t sent.

I take my stylish writing hat off to you all



  1. Hear, hear. Writers’ supporters can be underappreciated, and we should take the time out to rectify this. Unfortunately, I don’t have a stylish writing hat, but I would doff it if I did.

    1. I think the lesson to be learned here is that you need to get a stylish writing hat…

      But yes, it occurred to me that we can be self-absorbed, single-minded creatures who pour hours of leisure time into writing, and when there’s a challenge on or a deadline to meet does it cross our minds that our nearest and dearest might have better things to do than prop us up?

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