How are your resolutions holding up?

The two volumes of The Book of Days

In the Book of Days it says “January is the open gate of the year” – what an image, all that potential and possibility for the year ahead, waiting to be explored. Of course, often once you’re through the gate everything looks remarkably similar, but to a certain extent it depends how you look at it. January to me always seems full of promise, a good time to turn over a new leaf. Then February comes, I realise how little I’ve achieved, and the greyness of the weather suits my defeated mood. But not this year (no, really). As we move into February I’m feeling quite positive: 6 submissions so far this year, regular blog posts, and a new semi-regular habit of writing during my lunch-hour. My 2011 momentum hasn’t faded away yet, and I hope the same can be said for you if you’ve set yourself some goals this year (writing-related or otherwise). If not, why not take the new month as a fresh start and try again?

If all else fails, think about what the Book of Days says for January 1st: new year resolutions are a good start in themselves – you’re at least admitting that something needs to change.



  1. Evocative post. I especially like the final paragraph. I find it true that change–any growth, actually–requires making distinctions. Bringing a thing to consciousness is the first, and in my way of thinking, the most vital step.

    While we’re at it, consider that anger about a situation is excellent as well. Many people don’t see this, but anger is a very high state of conciousness.

    1. Thanks. Anger is healthy (in moderation) – it means something’s touched you enough to get a reaction, and it can inspire action, creation, and insight. It’s apathy and indifference you’ve got to watch out for.

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