NaNoWriMo novice

I’ve been writing for years, and blogging here for quite some time now, but I’d like to make a confession of innocence: I only recently found out about NaNoWriMo. For others in a similar position, I’ll explain that it stands for National Novel Writing Month and takes place each November. I’d seen Mercedes Yardley mention it in 2009 I think, but as it was in the context of challenging friends and I was skim-reading as I often do, I thought it was either something they’d made up between themselves to spur each other on, or it was maybe a micro-fiction competition (‘nano’, you see). It was only when The Librarian was taking part in November 2010 that details filtered through to me and I started to get interested.

A month of writing, no excuses – daily wordcounts, support from friends (and strangers), something that should be workable at the end of it, even if it’s a far cry from a finished draft. Sounds like a good idea, and assuming TL will be taking part again in 2011, I think I’ll sharpen my keyboard in plenty of time and join her. In the meantime I might try the April script frenzy to help me on the way to another graphic novel (and/or that radio play I’ve been promising myself for years), and I’ll try and take on board the NaNoWriMo advice at Uphill Writing.


    1. You’re welcome. I dip into Uphill Writing for a bit of inspiration now and then, I was even considering a sort of homage a while ago, with my own word of the day (more like word of the month, in my slow case) but I know how rubbish I am at keeping up with regular pieces like that so I’ll leave it to someone more organised!

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