Second-hand book emporium of doom

Inevitably, I have been seduced by second-hand sci-fi again. The very same shop that left me with a stack of CJ Cherryh novels and nowhere to put them has now provided me with a serious overload of Doctor Who novels. I went in innocently enough (in fact I’d been going to walk past, till OneMonkey suggested ‘just a quick look’), started browsing the shelves and thought ‘Oh wow, a 1970s 4th Dr novel, haven’t seen one of those in years’ – naturally enough I picked it up in case anyone else grabbed it while I was still looking. And I picked up the next one I saw, and then a more recent one (‘Paul Cornell, I’ve been meaning to read one of his’). Then the lady at the counter asked if I was a Doctor Who fan (luckily there were very few customers in so I quietly admitted it) and suggested I browse their boxes in the back room as someone had just donated an entire collection. Well, what can you say to that?

It’s occurred to me that since I’m unlikely to want to read them all one after the other in case of Doctor fatigue, and since I already have the To Read cupboard (now full, and overflowing to a small pile on top of it) including books I got for Christmas, and I’m bound to pick up or borrow books during the year that will jump the queue, I will at the very least be reading these well into next year and probably beyond. Unless I spend my Easter break on a Doctor Who novel binge?


    1. Oh, you haven’t lived. There are several types – the 1970s/1980s ones that are novelisations of a TV script that’s been on, some later ones (1990s?) that are novelisations of TV scripts that were ready but never used, a series of original novels from the 1990s which sort of carry on where the cancelled series left off (so I think they’re all 7th doctor), the original novels since the 1990s that feature previous doctors (1st to 8th) and the absolutely current ones that are 9th-11th doctor novels. There may also be others I’ve missed. embarrassed cough I blame my brother for this.

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