2010: a bookworm ponders

I read 62 books in 2010, the highest number since records began (which in this case is January 1993). OneMonkey suggested I should start using pagecount rather than bookcount, but aside from the fact I can’t be bothered (and don’t know how many pages most of them are, particularly if they were from the library) I figure that in most years I read a similar blend of slim novel, hefty history book, Stephen King doorstopper etc. In 2010 the blend included 7 fantasy novels, 17 science fiction, 18 detective, 3 books about writing and 8 other assorted non-fiction (the rest being stuff like AS Byatt, Alan Bennett and David Storey). Of course there were a few genre crossovers as ever, like sci-fi or fantasy detectives (Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next, for a start).

Comparing this to 2009 (50 books including 9 fantasy, 15 sci-fi and 15 detective) I’m not sure how I’ve increased so much. A whole year of commuting by train (which is conducive to reading) rather than most of the year on buses (on which I often feel nauseous) in 2009? A higher proportion of solitary lunchtimes with a book instead of meeting up with friends during the working day? Less writing? I’m not sure I could (or should) match it in 2011 but as usual I’ll be keeping track and I’ll probably let you know how I did, this time next year.


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