New year new ethos?

Who can resist a challenge? Well, me usually, but since my main resolution as voiced in the early hours of Saturday was ‘Faff less, write more’ I figure this wordpress post a week challenge is worth a go (I’ve already missed a day for the post a day challenge, and there is no way I’d stick to that for longer than about 3 days anyway). Am I more likely to stick to it than if I just said to myself ‘I think I’ll blog more often’? Probably not, but there’s no harm in trying (I hope). When I can’t think what to write, I can take a topic from the Daily Post and run with that (though I warn you now I’m likely to post on these topics days if not weeks after they were suggested. I get sidetracked). OneMonkey has also dug out the box containing my Book of Days, and put it somewhere a little more accessible for me, so I might actually write about that like I said I would. I have thoughts I want to share on Kindles too, but I’ll get round to that later.

Wishing us all a fulfilling and creative 2011.


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