At least someone’s been busy

I haven’t done anything much here for a while, you may have noticed (you may not, don’t feel bad if so – I won’t hold it against you). However, friend D has now given me details of the anthology I mentioned a while ago, which his story is in. It’s a book of magical stories for children, called A Pocketful of Moondust, and I do like the dragon on the cover.

Also being productive is the librarian I wrote about some time ago, who now has her own blog where she aims to review every book she’s marked as read on librarything (including, but hopefully not limited to, sci-fi and fantasy). We wish her well, and let’s hope she’s more organised than I am.

If you want to know what I’ve been doing for the last month (and I’m sure you do), I’ve been listening to more rockabilly Christmas songs than is healthy (where would I be without spotify?) and some Iron Maiden (including a Brazilian guy on youtube who does Maiden songs on the harp! Fantastic), watching DVDs (mainly Red Dwarf, and The Beiderbecke Connection), being unprepared for the festivities, failing to reply to friends’ emails, and saying ‘bah humbug’ a lot. And watching Dirk Gently on the iplayer (more bearable than I thought it would be, but as OneMonkey says, they’ve stripped it of all Douglas Adams-isms. Presumably to make it more palatable to a wider audience. Or maybe the BBC have forgotten how to make decent programmes and it was all a dreadful accident). And reading A History of Education in Great Britain. And some other stuff, but the key point I guess is I haven’t been writing. I’ll try and rectify that soon.



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