Breathless update

Not necessarily breathless as in exciting (I’ve really got to work on this marketing thing…) but certainly breathless as in I haven’t written anything here in a while, lots has gone on and I’ll just take a big breath and pour it all out. I’ve had another (very short) story accepted, that’ll be appearing at Six Sentences tomorrow; I’ve already missed out on some of the events I wanted to go to at this October’s Ilkley Literature Festival (tickets had been on sale less than 48 hours at the time), I’ve been told about the Beverley Literature Festival but it’s a bit far away (and has quite an overlap with the Ilkley programme) and I keep forgetting to check the programme for the Morley Literature Festival (they’re all in October – why is that?); I’m partway through a week’s holiday from work, which encompassed a dry bank holiday (gasp!) and has included a fair bit of marching across moorland and along riverbanks with OneMonkey, as well as pottering around ruins and photographing buildings, hence (at least partly) the lack of time for writing; Big Brother has hit the half-century and I’ve had great fun making a cake (and eating leftover marzipan. And more jammie dodgers. Damn those special offers). Phew.

I hope you enjoy my contribution to Six Sentences, and if you’re likely to be northbound in October, sample a litfest – we seem to have a few these days.


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