Acceptance rate critical

My Duotrope Control Panel now informs me that my acceptance rate for the last 12 months has dipped to 19%, a sorry state of affairs. Spurred on by an arbitrary desire to keep it at or above 20%, I’m in the middle of a whole big batch of submissions (5 in the last 24 hours, at least 3 more planned). This may well just lead to a further reduction, and of course it’s preventing me from the list of rewrites I wanted to do and the 2 or 3 stories I’ve almost finished, not to mention the crime novel (please – don’t mention the crime novel, it’s going badly and has barely begun). However, it may also lead to glory (or a very rough approximation thereof) and gives me a cast-iron excuse for not increasing any wordcounts or finishing the new comic script for Mark. More tea, and back to Duotrope…



  1. Nineteen percent?! That’s a damn high score! I mean, it depends a bit upon which markets you submit to, but I’m running at 7%, and duotrope tells me that’s “Higher than the average”.

    I suspect a ‘Submissions surge’ will bring the figure down. If it does, don’t worry about it. If you invest too much in figures like this, it can sap your confidence when they sink, but they can sink for many reasons, like oversupply of stories to markets (which is always the case), or change of editor at your fave market!

    That said, it’s always good to keep pushing stories out there, so the submissions surge is a good thing. I’m just saying don’t get fed up if the ratio drops in the process. After all,
    is it better to push all your stories furiously to markets, and get them all placed, but lower your ratio to 2% in the process, or is it better to only put three stories out, place one, and have a grand ratio of 33%? I know which I’d prefer.


    1. It really does depend on a lot of things, and I try not to take it seriously but my arbitrary target works to give me a kick up the backside sometimes and remind me I should submit more. In theory I prefer the furious pushing of stories but in reality I get sidetracked.

      Higher than average sounds like a good thing whatever the percentage (mine says that too now I’m back over 20%) – I guess you must be going for hard markets.

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