The writer’s domain

Just in case you’re interested (and really, why wouldn’t you be?) I thought I’d show you my writing desk.

The cluttered desk of JY Saville

I’d always liked the idea of a bureau; this one was a cast-off from a relative, not ideal but it keeps me happy until I can find a roll-top that’s spot on. Points of interest:

  • The ever-present mug of tea (though sometimes it’s a latte)
  • At least 3 fountain pens (not sure you can see them all) and the important bottles of purple and burgundy ink, plus scraps of blotting paper
  • More notebooks than it’s useful to have (most of those are part-used, so it’s not as easy as thinking ‘when did I make a note of that?’ – I also have to remember where I might have been, how big a bag I had with me, etc)
  • The great purple notebook I had such trouble finding (colour’s not that great in this picture)
  • Old desk/pocket diaries used as notebooks
  • Unattractive but vaguely practical notebooks cobbled together by me from scrap paper
  • Attractive and practical notebooks (the two at the back) hand-stitched and bound by OneMonkey using odd sheets of paper and old writing pads, and covered with wrapping paper (friend T takes great delight in the presentation of gifts, and the hand-made thick wrapping paper she favours is perfect and a nice way to think of her every time I use the book)
  • The chipped mug I keep pens and pencils in (also a gift from T, Christmas 1993 I think. I’m just not good at throwing things away)

So there you have it, my official writing domain, though at the moment I’m not even in the same room as it (such is the convenience but also the inconvenience of laptops – I should go to my designated writing area to put me in a writing mood, but I don’t because I’m lazy). Time to stop procrastinating and go increase a wordcount.


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