Books: a bad influence?

I’m not a cocktail bar visitor, as a rule, but last week OneMonkey and I, along with Mark (the artist, now on the final phase of our graphic novel Boys Don’t Cry) went to sample cocktails (alcohol-free in the case of OneMonkey) at a bar which rather disappointingly wasn’t art deco to match the look of its online presence and advertising. However, interior design aside it was an enjoyable experience and what sparked it? Raymond Chandler. Everyone’s drinking whisky sours, gimlets and all the rest, and apart from the hint of glamour I wanted to know what they tasted like (though of course being me I went off at a tangent). Because I’m not a big drinker, the sum total of my evening’s experiment was one Mai Tai and one Amaretto Sour, but with Mark now interested in a Hemingway cocktail adventure and with several more from Chandler’s works to try, I will be going back.

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