Endings and resurgence

Big Finish have announced their Doctor Who short story winners, and no, I’m not one of them. Better luck next time and well done to those who were successful. I did enjoy the challenge.

Is this evidence of a more buoyant mood? Well, perhaps. I’m trying to ignore our new prime minister’s existence for now (I did think I saw the lead horseman of the apocalypse but it turned out to be a raincloud) and focus on two more positive occurrences: I’ve just bought (on ebay – how modern of me) the 8th of a set of 10 elusive detective novels which I’m looking forward to reading, and I’ve written (my first completed piece in weeks) a short Alan Bennett style monologue which OneMonkey judges to be good stuff (if only it was half as good as Alan Bennett, I’d be a very happy writer). No idea what to do with it now, but I’ve finished it and that’s a start.

Ah, Labour weren’t really left-wing any more anyway. I’ll cope.

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