Good Friday, better Saturday

Easter again, which means a few days off work. Luckily (from the point of view of writing at least) the weather is every bit as foul as is customary at Easter (hail an hour ago, light snow earlier in the week, rain at every available moment in between) and it’s no sacrifice to sit at the bureau for hours and redraft Wasted Years. It’s a slow job because I keep finding myself reading passages as a reader, not an eagle-eyed editor, and I can’t decide whether that means they got redrafted reasonably well as I went along, or I’m getting bored and lazy. Probably the latter. Redrafting can be dull, I know the story, I’ve already had the fun of spilling it onto the screen, and I’m full of big ideas for what I want to write next. Without redrafting though, it would be pointless anyone else wasting their time reading what I’ve written, so I know it’s necessary. I suspect I’ll take a break from Wasted Years before the weekend’s over, and start my next major project which looks like it might have decided to be a detective story. In the meantime I’ll fortify myself with another hot cross bun.


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