From rock queen to writer

There was a time when my life had a soundtrack. Music was as necessary to my continued existence as water (or in my case, tea). My dad was the same and I grew up with radio 1 the constant background except when one of his albums (the Smiths, Queen, the Stones, or if we were really unlucky Roxy Music) was put on in its place. It never seemed to affect my concentration, and I could happily read a novel or do A-level revision with musical accompaniment. At some point in my twenties I turned the hi-fi off to concentrate better. Then I didn’t put it on when I sat down because I wanted to think clearly, then I fell out of the habit altogether and the only music was in my head (there is still always music in my head. This week it’s been mainly Iron Maiden with a bit of Slayer). Generally speaking, I read or I write when I’m at home, and sadly I seem to have lost my ability to do either when there’s music on, I’ve even had to ask OneMonkey to turn it down in the next room. Stephen King apparently writes while he listens to AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses or Metallica, and I envy him (OK I don’t envy his Metallica). I need to learn to write to a soundtrack before I lose the ability to hear the music in my head.


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