Self-promotion in a brief non-lethal fashion

A reminder, for those who may be interested, that issue 14 of Short, Fast, and Deadly is launched today (though with time-zone differences it might be a few hours yet) and contains a short story of mine – the theme was Sweeter than Sweet, Sweet, Sweden. The story is, as the magazine name suggests, short and is therefore a fast read, but deadly might be overdoing it – no horror and nothing likely to have detrimental effects on the reader. Unless you had a bad experience in Malmo once and don’t like to be reminded. Hope you enjoy it.


  1. I liked it, your really short fiction seems more like prose poetry to me (or maybe that’s just the meter I read it in my read), though must say i’m quite taken with all things sweedish at the moment (unfortunatly that doesn’t include sweedish twins just morose sweedish detectives)

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Both Big Brother and friend T have enjoyed the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film, I almost feel like I’m missing out but it sounds a bit gruesome for my liking and my dad said Wallander was good but depressing. I’ll stick to Norwegian: the fabulous unsurpassed Elling and the enjoyable Kitchen Stories (though that was partly Swedish). Ah, but then there’s O’Horten, possibly one of the most dull and depressing films ever (and written by the same guy as Kitchen Stories), so maybe it’s not that simple.

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