Sudoku as socialist metaphor

I’ve been quiet for a while, and I’m not sure there’s a good reason (except for a stack of library books: 3 Philip K Dick and a William Gibson), I don’t have gathered knowledge and fascinating insights from the last ten days to share. OneMonkey, on the other hand, was musing the other day on solitary paper-based puzzles, and decided that sudoku was infinitely preferable to crosswords. Sudoku, he reasoned, is approachable by anyone as long as you tell them the rules, whereas crosswords often demand a rich vocabulary, knowledge of Shakespeare or Olympic athletes, ability to spot anagrams etc and are an elitist snobbish pastime designed to exclude. Crosswords as insidious tools of capitalist oppressors – discuss.



  1. whilst I agree with the logic of onemonkey (how can one not he’s a very logical monkey!), it does seem to me that there is value in knowledge of things as well as just raw brain-juiceyness. Things like vocabulary are used as snobbish cultural capital but on the other hand raw talent with no learning isn’t enough (I assume; I’ve never had either) what’s more impressive someone with a high IQ who knows very little or someone with a low IQ that knows lots, at the end of the day it’s what one knows not what one potentially could have known that matters, though personally I have no desire to do crosswords or sudoku not when there’s tiddleywinks to be played!

    1. I admit to being an elitist snob (blame my education) but I do set great store by vocabulary and essentially useless information. Sometimes I do wonder if that makes me a bad person…

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