Think positive

Big Finish received over 1200 Doctor Who pitches last week, so it says on their website, so just a teeny bit of competition for my own attempt. It was a useful experience though, with such a short timescale and a different kind of submission from the sort I’m used to. However, since this is apparently a much bigger response than they were expecting, it might make them think twice about doing it again so that may have been my only chance.

Speaking of competition, OneMonkey has recently joined the cut-throat world of retail as he tries to persuade the great British public to buy his art and crafts over at Folksy; with a bit of editorial role-reversal, I’ve been suggesting ideas and critiquing prototypes this week as he launched a Valentines Day range (mainly paintings on reclaimed wood) and OK, I kept one for myself, but it was irresistible (see it here if you’re interested).

I’ve also been reading the Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories over the last week or two (though I think I only read half the tales in full), and I was planning on commenting on it as I have done with other anthologies before. Very few of the stories I read seemed much like fantasy stories to me though: the date of publication ran from the late 19th century to  1992, and plenty of them were old-fashioned gothic/horror/supernatural tales, which isn’t to say they weren’t enjoyable, just that I wouldn’t have expected them in a fantasy book. I’ve now read a Conan the Barbarian story, but I’m so used to Terry Pratchett’s Cohen the Barbarian (who in fact featured in the last story in the book) that I was constantly waiting for the punchline. Enough of what I haven’t enjoyed, I’m enjoying the Philip K Dick novel I’m partway through, so I’ll go make some tea and get back to it.



  1. Big Finish are doing another call for writers – this time for short stories to be narrated rather than full-cast dramas. And you can use any classic Doctor/companion combo…much easier brief IMHO!

    1. Well pointed-out, I’d missed that! It does sound easier, though whether I’ll still think that on March 28th when I’m still wrestling with it is another matter.

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