Holiday update

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats – will she have achieved all her aims by the end of the Christmas holidays? So to put your collective mind at rest, here’s an update: no mince pie crumbs in the keyboard as far as I can tell; 6 gallons of tea achieved days ago; 2 submissions made, not 3 (but I still have half a day left). Oh yes, and the serial novel is serial no more – its final chapter has been presented to its tiny audience. Hey, it only took me 6 years to finish; I’ll have the next one done in no time. Actually there is no ‘next one’ at the moment, I’m concentrating on redrafting Wasted Years (as it may as well be referred to now) and writing more short stories. You wouldn’t believe how excited and relieved I was when I saved that last chapter and sat back. Then OneMonkey, my best critic, didn’t think the last chapter worked that well so I had to rewrite it. But after that, when the monkey from Del Monte said yes, that was a very good feeling. Phew.

I won’t spoil this uplifting tale by complaining about the long-drawn-out regeneration into the eleventh doctor (another Peter Davison wannabe! Who’d have thought it?), or the injection of more cheapness by RTD (helping Captain Jack score in a bar? Really? And the lottery ticket!). Accentuating the positive, I await Steven Moffat’s reign with bated breath.


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  1. hello, great news about wasted years, I look forward to reading it :-). In general its been an excellent year for your submissions here’s hoping 2010 will be even better.

    I kinda agree (in part) with you regarding dr who, it did seem a bit pathetic the scoring in a bar and surely the Dr wouldn’t think being rich was importnat for donna? RTD writes too many running around pointlessly scenes the ‘science’ is not even enjoyabley silly its just not thought of at all, and the have decided to make the dr have a romance every year wich devalues its specialness dramatically, I’ve not seen a lot of the old dr whos though, i do think there are good things in the new run however: personally I think david T has bags of charisma and I’ll miss him, and I like the hints that the dr soemtimes goes too far with his power or simply complains about his lot in life (I thought his reaction to bernard knocking on the glass was particularly well realised, anger resentment, bitterness, fear not just banal heroism) and *spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen it* I liked the idea that it was the dr himself who creates his isolation by destroying his own people and he is essentially an unreliable narrator about the history of the time lords. I’m less sanguine about the new regime, moffat is a good writer from what i can tell, but the casting screams “make it young and hip” from the lips of a bbc exec, hope i’m wrong though (i usually am about most things so there’s a good chance 😀 )

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