Neither a reader nor a writer be

I seem to have been doing a lot more reading than writing lately, partly because I’m feeling lazy and since I don’t have a TV, curling up with a book is my version of being a couch potato. The more books I read the more I seem to find rotten ones (that’s what comes of picking them at random from the library shelves I guess), and I’ve read (or quickly abandoned) books ranging from ‘hmm, it was OK’ to ‘I can’t believe I wasted ten minutes of my life on the opening chapter of this trash’. I can’t decide whether it’s heartening or depressing that such rubbish novels make it to press, should I think ‘Well if he can, I can’ or is it more ‘If even this made it, I must be really hopeless’? I’ll go away and ponder that while I think of something more substantial to write.


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