Six of the best

Chapter six of Resurrection Joe is now available for your delectation. I realised I’d forgotten about it so it’s a bit later than my roughly monthly schedule would suggest, but I hope you’re not all too devastated at having to wait a while for it (I am of course joking, I know the view-count is made up of my friend D, and people whose cats land on the keyboard and take them to it by accident).

If you haven’t read the earlier chapters, you’ll probably still be able to follow the goings-on (though there’s nothing to stop you going back and reading them). Joe’s a goth who works in a bookshop, Caroline’s her flatmate and has an unsuitable boyfriend, Craig’s their friend and is glam (in the Motley Crue sense, not Slade). This chapter’s mainly set at a rock night, where important truths are learned (isn’t that always the way with rock nights…)


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