Stranger than fiction

I believe I mentioned way back in October last year or thereabouts, that my friend D had been accepted (or a story of his had) by a magazine, which, though I mightn’t have said so at the time, was Morpheus Tales. So this week, in his continuing flurry of success my other friend Mark (the artist) has been asked to illustrate a story for Morpheus Tales. Incidentally, I’m not sure why Mark always gets a full name and everyone else gets an initial or nickname, maybe I should go for MTA (Mark the artist) or LeMat (which is how he usually signs his paintings. Not, as far as I know, named after the revolver or the Southend punk band). Anyway, LeMat (as we may as well call him for the sake of confusion) emailed me to ask if it was just a coincidence of name, or had D written a story which was due to appear in Morpheus Tales later in the year, because if so he (LeMat) was about to do the illustration. Now depending on mood or temperament, you could see that as evidence that we three with our long association and collaborations are sowing the seeds to be some new ‘set’,  a Bloomsbury Group of disillusioned ex-physicists if you like, or that we are in fact (with a few exceptions such as OneMonkey and Big Brother) the only people who genuinely exist in a fictional universe. Or maybe it’s just an entertaining coincidence.

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