Turkey and stuffing

As Christmas sneaks up, I’m gearing up for full-on Bah Humbug mode. Clearly I haven’t got there yet though, as my response to OneMonkey’s desire for a picture of some sheep and some boiled sweets ‘for the play on words’ was ‘since when was sheepsweets a popular festive term?’. In my defence, this rotten cold is lingering somewhat. But I digress…

The long festive break is most welcome, in fact I wish it had started on Friday so I didn’t have two more days left to work, but this time of year is often frustrating. On one hand, we’ve had the shortest day and there’s a lot of free time coming up, on the other, most things are shut for a while and the buses are disrupted. I’ve already had my first festive whinge because OneMonkey and I had to turn down a dinner invitation (which, I should point out, was the only one we’ve had all year) because there are no trains on Boxing Day. The library is, naturally, closed quite a bit while I’m off work, and the emptiness of New Year’s Day looms large and grey on the horizon.

A small group of us have suggested writing New Year’s Resolutions for each other this year, which will either be an inspired idea or the cause of our estrangement. The plan was that if everyone (without conferring) suggests the same thing for someone, it’s a good bet that that’s what they should be doing; but how truthful should we be? I know I should write more, and I know I should submit more (I was doing so well for the first half of 2008 but then I tailed off and now I’m in the ‘no point until after Christmas’ phase), but what if the others all think I should write more interesting blog entries, stop waffling or learn some new adjectives? It wasn’t restricted to creativity, either, so who’s going to tell me I should think before I speak (other than Big Brother, who has been reciting the mantra Engage Brain Before Opening Mouth for as long as I can remember), or get more exercise?

Maybe one of the reasons I don’t like the festive season much is that New Year is such an obvious time to reassess and make changes, whereas I’m a creature of habit and changes are daunting. The one resolution I should make every year (because every year I know I’ll break it) is to stop talking about things and just get on with them, and in that spirit, I’m off to write some fiction.


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