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Not quite a thousand monkeys

This amused OneMonkey a few years ago in the Louvre. I’m the one on the right.

See my first post, Welcome to the Cheap Seats to get an idea of where I’m coming from, and my second if you want to know where the name came from. If you want to see where I sit and write, have a look at a photo of my desk, with a handy guide to the important elements (actually, in the Spring of 2012 I got rid of the bureau and started using a table: with the advent of attempting to write detective novels I found I was sitting with A4 printouts, a notebook of ideas, and my laptop, and there wasn’t room for all of them at once on the bureau. The important elements remain the same).

Edited highlights of my writing career



  • May 2013: Self-Aware and Living in Bradford, in Kzine Issue 6 (buy the ebook here)
  • April 2013: Alone Again Or at FlashFlood (read it for free here)
  • March 2013: The Little Book of Northern Women, short story collection (self-published e-book: buy it from Amazon.co.uk)


  • November 2012: A Fate Not Shared, posted on the Daily Telegraph Short Story Club site for feedback, but you may enjoy it (read it for free here)
  • September 2012: Last Night in Las Vegas in The Rusty Nail (read it for free here)
  • August 2012: Wasted Years, novel (self-published e-book: buy it from Amazon.co.uk)
  • June 2012: Flight of Fancy and Naked Truth in Nailpolish Stories (read them for free here)


  • November 2011: The Moon of Endine 40-page comic, from Ostragoth Publishing (buy the comic here or read it for free here, or download the free pdf)
  • October 2011: The Dovedale Affair in Comets and Criminals issue 1 (buy the electronic version here or read it for free here)
  • June 2011: Domestic Abyss in Summer 2011 edition of Boston Literary Magazine (read it for free here)
  • May 2011: Faster than light travel on One Forty Fiction (read it for free here)
  • February 2011: The Fan-boys on Tour in issue 32 of The View From Here (buy the magazine or electronic version here)
  • January 2011: Only Human in issue 59 of Short, Fast, and Deadly (read it for free here)


  • November 2010: Boys Don’t Cry 80-page graphic novel (based on a short story), from Ostragoth Publishing (buy the book or see sample pages here, or download free pdf here)
  • November 2010: Letting Go, Destination Unknown, English Breakfast in On a Narrow Windowsill: Fiction and Poetry Folded onto Twitter anthology from Folded Word (buy the book or electronic version on Amazon, or the book direct from the publisher)
  • October 2010: The silent vacuum of space on Six Sentences (read it for free here)
  • October 2010: All the Room in the World in Bards and Sages Quarterly (buy the magazine from Amazon, or electronic format via links here)
  • October 2010: Renton, Patented Robot Butler on 50 to 1 (read it for free here)
  • September 2010: Leaf Encounter on Six Sentences (read it for free here)
  • March 2010: England 1 Sweden 0 in issue 14 of Short, Fast, and Deadly (read it for free here)


  • December 2009: Psyche and the Soul at Everyday Weirdness (read it for free here or buy the exclusive one-page comic from Ostragoth Publishing, with original art by Mark Pexton)
  • December 2009: The Mist Wolves in issue 5 of Silver Blade (read it for free here)
  • November 2009: Destination Unknown, English Breakfast and Letting Go on PicFic  (read them for free by following each link)
  • October 2009: The Day the Circus Came to Town in Morpheus Tales flash fiction special (download it for free)
  • June 2009: Not Such a Cold Fish on Every Day Fiction (read it for free here)


  • September 2008: Windows to the Soul on 365 tomorrows (read it for free here)


  • July 2007: alternate ending 1 (of 3) for BBC7′s Chain Gang Picture This, published on BBC7 website (read it for free here)
  • May-June 2007: 2 shortlisted entries for episode 2, 1 for episode 4 and 1 for episode 10 of BBC7′s Chain Gang Picture This (read the Wikipedia entry about the series)
  • Shortlisted for New Writing in Mslexia, March 2007

Non-fiction, guest blogs etc

  • In praise of unoriginality in Bodkin, the Journal of the Bradford Family History Society, December 2006
  • Trade directories: a mine of information in Bodkin, the Journal of the Bradford Family History Society, June 2008
  • March 2009: review of City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers, on SFReader
  • March 2009: review of Shadowmarch by Tad Williams, on SFReader
  • April 2009: review of Brain Wave by Poul Anderson, on SFReader
  • June 2009: review of The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, on SFReader
  • June 2009: review of From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain by Minister Faust, on SFReader
  • December 2012: what compression means to me, at The Matter Press blog
  • January 2014: Borrowed Traits and Memorable Characters at the Telegraph Short Story Club

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